vrijdag 22 september 2017

the gift! box set!!
A billionair storie of high level! So different from the usual alpha billionair heated, steamy stories!
 but way better and refreshing, a pleasure to read!
for me it was a page turner and spent every spare minute to read till the end!
I was eager to know what would happen next to the tw omain characters as they were so different from each other!
exellent story and so much thanks to the author for such a good story!
BUT!!! can you imagine my great disappointment when finishing the boxset and dicover
 that the story is just halfway and continues with the boxset  ,the offer!!
the biggest didappointment is!! the gift boxset is avaible at ibooks ,but the offer boxset is not! so i am not able  to read the other part as i cannot purchase at amazon!
Really ,really, really to bad!!!!

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