zaterdag 17 juni 2017

Julianne Maclean
The Color of a Silver Lining
Thanks for the ARC and I volunteer to give a very honest review on the book!
The story has a nice strong start which
gets the interest of the reader right at the beginning!
The book is way different then the usual ones but
especial for my self of great interest!
Thestory has a exellent charcater full of intriques and very memotional
 but foremost of of very high psychological level
and paranormal abilities,although we all would be able to have this abilities if used properly!
A story that kept me reading on till the very end!
four exellent charaters in the story, where the females played the hed roles!
 great storyline and so was the story, exceptional and
 for me far more worth a 5 star
For Julianne!
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! I would love to read so much more of these!

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