donderdag 15 juni 2017

What,s Left Of Me!
A outstanding story!
perhaps the best I ever red! 
A overwhelming story which had a huge impact!
A page turner, one that grabs you by the throat and keeps you there to the very end!
Emotions running very high ,at certain point ,I needed to lay it aside for awhile ,cound,t read on!
when emotions went far to high for me!
But still so important to read to as it is a very actual theme these days, amd som uch families are getting confronted with it ,including myself!
# wonderful character in Aundrea,Parker and not to forget ,Genna! who played a fantastic role in the story!
I sure want to read the other books from the auhor also!
A five star is the highest rate ,but for me ,this book is far above this level!
thanks to the author for such a great story!

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