maandag 15 mei 2017

I admire the autors for wrting such a book!
As it showed up to be a outstanding one as for paranormal books!
not a easy task to write about visions but the author made a good story out of it!
it had a slow start but after awhiole it grabbed me into it and kept me reading1
Its not a easy reader,, it need full attion to understand and know what is written
but it worth so much to read it!
the book has tension in about every page which also keeps the reader into it!
A good story line and so was the story and two lovely and strong main characters in a outstanding role play!
for the author thanks so much for letting me read this book of yours!
i got the books for free and volunteer to place the review here!
I would love to read more of your books!!
It was just my pleasure! thanks!!!

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