zondag 7 mei 2017

Billionairs PA 1!
to my suprise a exellent billimnairs story ,so different from the regular once
i had read before!
Refreshing and i love the authors writing style which is way above regular level
all dynamic, interesting and humoristic character!
A nice story ,although it is just number one in a serie of how much??
Its also a page turner as it showed ,I red it out in one day, just reading!
Two lovely dynamic character in this book as being the ones Barret and Alexi
where Alexi is the ultimate role player in this!
its hot and steamy for lovers of that a must read!? actually some erotica!
I am glad I have book two as well ,so i can keep on reading! thanks to author ,Trinity ,Spears!
I only hope that I can read so much more from her!!
Yessssss!Yessss! I do!!

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