zaterdag 18 maart 2017

The Beloved Daughter!
A very outstanding book and story!
a story which can have a huge impact on the reader in religious way!
but also horror, the cruelty ,the tortue, the beastily behavior,the so heavely suffering
for so many years, makes the story not a nice one!! but still so very unique on its own!
Its could even function as a religious book for every chapter a different theme!
the everlasting trust on God and Jesus christ for these prisoners!
I am sure ,the author succeeded in getting awareness of all the cruelties!
Its a must read for every adult human beiing for awareness and support!
Do i want to read m0re of these books???
 yess!! I gone read all these books available at this author!!
The story is far more worth then a 5 star but unfortunately this is maximum

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