vrijdag 17 februari 2017

A exceptional nice ,high level book!
which a a suprising good actual theme and inside look
in middle eastern culture and modern romance/marriage!
Way different from regular romance books but one
who has soooooooooooooo!! much value!
The book embraced me right from the beginning and kept and kept me in a tight hug
reading straight to the end ,there ain,t much books who have the abililty to keep me so tight into reading!
I loved to read this book ,this is actually a must rad for islamic and none islamic were it for a bright understanding of each others cultures and rules!
besides that it has a high psychological charactes
and the four characters in the story playing a exllent role!
al in all ,outstanding! A winner!!
Would I like to read more of this!???
Yessssssssssssss! please!! soooooooooooo!! much more!!

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