zaterdag 31 december 2016

Review on!
The Billionair Wins the Game.
author: Melody Anne.

 first a sore list! and short explanation.(10 stars is top!!)

the Plot:: ********
overall a great storyline which runned smoothly to read

the Story::*********
after the first chapter ,I knew the book would have a grip on me and sure it did, causing
 me to read every spare minute, being tight to the book!
full if romantic interest!and in some situation growing hot!
Lucas a billionair CEO and his newly executive secratary ,amy
 produced  a lovely romantic story full of intriges between the two!
 being disflowered by him and afterwards pregnant ,it caused so much trouble, but in the end a marriage out of pure love! extremely emotional!
A book that gets you!!

overwhelming and some times very emotional causing tears in the eyes!


 lucas and Amy two lovely and great characters, awsome in the hole story line!

Overall score:*********

a book worth for everybody to read in my view!
thanks so much for writing his book! Melody Anne!

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