dinsdag 28 november 2017

Falling for mr Statham boxset consisting two books
resisting the boos and lovin the boss
A phenominal boxset! Although I love the first one the most!
A great story and strong  stubborn characters!
A page turner ,hot and steamy but at the same time
 a nice and dynamic story one with a lot of value in it!
the author mixed this all into a wonderful story!
I am sure I want to read more books of this author
as these are such a pleasure to read!
Say ,yess! please more of these!!

zondag 19 november 2017

BBB,baps book blog: Your irrestistible Love!Serie book out of nine i ...

BBB,baps book blog: Your irrestistible Love!
Serie book out of nine i ...
: Your irrestistible Love! Serie book out of nine i believe and this the first one! I don,t think, there are much words needed to this revie...
Your irrestistible Love!
Serie book out of nine i believe and this the first one!
I don,t think, there are much words needed to this review!
A nice clean and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! lovely smooth \
and soo! dynamic running story, it s happy reading all the way down to the very end
the author knows how to write a good story which keep you interested, as the other 8 are as good this this ,then I will purchase them ,sure of! and well i hope so!
And for the author layala, YEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! i want to read more of these!
its bingo, five star plus!

donderdag 2 november 2017

A very enjoyable clean romance!
Very different then the usual steamy and hot billionair romance BUT!
Really much more joy to read this one as the story is good enough to keep on reading way through the book!
Good storyline and lovely caracters in the form of Aiden and Holly
to make the story into a great succes by the author!
thanks for letting me read this book for free ,it was my pleasure to read it all the way!
and well,!!YEZZZZZZ!! more of this holly,actually i am already a fan of your books
my actually rate was a 4.7 star but that,s good for a 5 in here!

zondag 15 oktober 2017

I don,t need much words for this book!
A exeptional good story and storyline!
two brilliant caracters who make the tory complete
and while the author managed to get into a pageturner first class
just saying to the author ,a very good job you did!
for me a over the top 5 star!
will love more of these!

vrijdag 22 september 2017

the gift! box set!!
A billionair storie of high level! So different from the usual alpha billionair heated, steamy stories!
 but way better and refreshing, a pleasure to read!
for me it was a page turner and spent every spare minute to read till the end!
I was eager to know what would happen next to the tw omain characters as they were so different from each other!
exellent story and so much thanks to the author for such a good story!
BUT!!! can you imagine my great disappointment when finishing the boxset and dicover
 that the story is just halfway and continues with the boxset  ,the offer!!
the biggest didappointment is!! the gift boxset is avaible at ibooks ,but the offer boxset is not! so i am not able  to read the other part as i cannot purchase at amazon!
Really ,really, really to bad!!!!

woensdag 30 augustus 2017

Prime Minister
I was fortunate to get this book for free!
Read it! and now giving a review on the book!
I am not used to read this kind of books!But for me one thing is sure!
I went into a reading a outstanding ,extraordinary book!
Which turned out to be a perfect story,with part of love heat ,erotica and bdsm!
but for me the sory was perfect readable and enjoyed it so much!
A page turner right from the gegin till the every a end reading almost continue till the story was finished although actually it isn,t as   i learned already there bonus books on this!
For the two authors! a big YEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! so much more of these stories!
I will swallow them all!
fortunately, All books are on ibooks so ,the i can,t get for free ,I will purchase there!
I did already for dr badboy and! whow! so much more read plaesure to come!!
Tanks Soooooooooooooooooo! much for this stories!